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We only use the freshest herbs such as fenugreek, mint, and cilantro allowing your palette to experience a taste of Yemen and take you to the foothills and cultivated plains of Yemen. We hope you enjoy your visit here at the Haneeth House.

10/10 recommended to anyone. I personally tried the haneeth along with some traditional bread, hummus, the authentic Fahsa, and washed it all down with some traditional Adan tea. Every dish was exceptionally delicious, the meat was cooked perfectly with the perfect amount of juice. The bread was like nothing I’ve tried before, and tasted so good along with their exceptional hummus. The fahsa came fresh out of the oven with the heat waves blowing in every direction. Finally the service and setting was absolutely perfect, all waiters were courteous, and amazing. Highly recommend this place to everyone and anyone!

Hamza Alweh

Food was great, and service was excellent! Thank U. Another great experience! Strongly recommended. Thank U for the attention we receive every time we go there.

N Kaid

The haneeth was delicious, perfectly cooked and very tender with an excellent authentic yemeni taste. The restaurant is very cozy and spacious and the servers were very polite. Highly recommend to all the haneeth lovers!

Sami Alsulaimani
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days a Week!

(313) 846-9330

14633 W. Warren Ave
Dearborn, MI 48126


(313) 846-9330

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days a Week!